Non-NHS Work & Fees

The services shown are not provided under the National Health Service contract and the following fees will be charged. If you have any questions relating to these fees, please address them to your Doctor or the Practice Manager before requesting the service.

Service Price
Private Sick Note


Private Insurance Claim Forms


Photo Copying of Medical Notes under a subject Access Request




To Whom It May Concern Letter (private letter)


Child Minding Form –

·         Ofsted Health Declaration (SCC/Local Authority)

·         Other Not Complex





Blue Badge (disabled parking)




Employment, Pre-Employment Medical and Report


Employment, Pre-Employment Report (No Examination)




Medical Insurance Certificate (e.g. BUPA, PPA, PPP)


Medical Insurance Report or extract from Medical Records £55.00
Medical Assessment Reports (Fee fixed by Insurance company £ 89.00)


Medical Assessment Report & Medical


Medical Assessment Report without Medical Examination




Medical and Report (e.g. Elderly, HGV, PSV and Taxi)


Driver Insurance Form – with Medical


Driver Insurance Form – without Medical




Fitness for Gym


Sports report detailed


Sports Medical




Private Prescription ( Travel )


Fitness to Travel  e.g. “  fit to fly” letters


Fitness to Travel Statement with Medical


Cancellation of Holiday Claim Form



·         Incapacity

·         Private Sick Note

·         Other (Short/Simple)






Temporary Residents  Not Eligible for NHS treatment


Private Consultation (20 minutes)


Private Prescription