Notice for Upcoming Heatwave

An amber extreme heat warning has come into force, with temperatures forecast to hit 37C (99F) in some parts of the UK over the next four days. The Met Office alert for southern and central England and parts of Wales runs from midnight on Thursday until Sunday. It has also issued its highest alert for fire severity over the weekend, warning there is an “exceptional” risk of blazes spreading in many places. The heatwave will likely affect health, transport and working conditions. There is also an increased risk of water safety incidents, the Met Office warned. While the record-breaking temperatures seen in July, when the mercury topped 40C (104F) for the first time, are not expected this week, the heat in some areas could get close to local or regional records.

Temperatures could reach 35C and peak at 37C in some areas between the Midlands and London. In Wales, Cardiff may see temperatures exceeding 30C.Scotland and Northern Ireland meanwhile are likely to be cooler with the highest temperatures in the mid-20s, the Met Office says. The Met Office’s fire severity index, which assesses how severe a blaze could become, is currently “very high” for most of England and Wales. This will rise to “exceptional” – the highest level of risk – for parts of England and Wales by the weekend, while a warning for “very high” risk of wildfires across southern and eastern Scotland has been put in place until Monday.

There might be some disruption to train services during the hot weather, but it is not expected to be on the same scale as July when the UK recorded its hottest day on record. An official drought is expected to be declared on Friday, according to water industry insiders. people are being advised to look out for those who are older or vulnerable, as well as young children, after the UK Health Security Agency issued a heat health alert until Sunday for parts of central, southern, and northern England.