Prescription Charge freeze

Until further notice the NHS  Prescription Charge* remains at  £9.35 per item.

Some items may have more than one charge, e.g. elastic hosiery; a member of the pharmacy team will explain if that is the case.

The NHS prescription charge is a contribution to the NHS; it is not a payment to the pharmacy, and it is not related to the cost of your medicine(s).

If you need four or more prescriptions in three months or 12 or more prescriptions a year, you could save money with the Prescription Prepayment Certificate – speak to a member of the pharmacy team for more details.

Certain patient groups are entitled to free NHS prescriptions and some items, e.g. contraceptives, are free-of-charge on the NHS. To check if you’re eligible for free NHS prescriptions, ask a member of the pharmacy team for advice or visit:

*Pending further consideration from the Government on charges for the rest of 2022/23